Practical Strategy for Leveraging AI and ML for Smarter Networks

On-demand webinar

Watch this workshop to learn how you can rapidly transform your own network data into real business intelligence and find out how you can work even smarter with Aerohive Networks.

We will show you how to take some of the burden away with HiveManager, fully powered by AI and Machine Learning capabilities, as well as how to: 

  • Understand AI & Machine Learning in your network: use cases and terminology, what’s hype and what’s not?
  • Track your network health, performance and user experience with the full visibility of Network 360 and Client 360
  • Deliver an unprecedented user experience, increase performance and gain valuable insights with HiveManager 
  • De-swamp IT with issue diagnosis and resolution – the data and infrastructure requirements for self-optimization and self-healing skills
  • Get an edge in decision-making with predictive and comparative analytics
  • Save time with Aerohive’s Amazon Alexa HiveManager Shortcuts – you’ll see it’s like having an extra pair of hands