Network Impact 2019:

Technology Changes That Will Affect Every Network

On-Demand Recording


Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst at 650 Group

Alexandra Gates, Sr. Marketing Manager at Aerohive Networks and Networking Expert

Wi-Fi and security standards are changing. BYOD and IoT adoption is exponentially increasing (controlled by IT or not); with devices evolving. High bandwidth demand is accelerating. Will networks hold up to the strain?

Watch this webinar to hear from Chris DePuy, a Technology Analyst at 650 Group, and Alexandra Gates, a Sr.Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive, about the key technology trends and changes in 2019, the impact on your network, and what you can do about it. We will review: 

  • Key technology predictions and why 2019 is the perfect time to upgrade
  • How advances in AI and machine learning can help you
  • IoT maturity review plus related and broader security threats
  • Pros and cons of evolving LAN/WLAN and WAN approaches
  • Actions you can take to weather the storm