Prepare Your Network For Imminent 802.11ax/ Wi-Fi 6 clients

On-Demand Recording

Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax compatible phones and laptops have now been announced by manufacturers and are shipping soon to a network near you.

Is your Wi-Fi set to cope with these devices and deliver the expected experience for users? What will be the impact of only offering Wi-Fi 5, and is Wi-Fi 6 really ‘ready’ anyway? Watch this webinar on demand and have all your questions answered:  

  • Wi-Fi 6 devices – what are they, where and when will they hit networks?

  • How is it working today? See examples of Wi-Fi 6 deployments live in the real world – and the benefits now for legacy client devices

  • What’s still to happen with Wi-Fi 6? Get an update on IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance certification and standard releases

  • What are the key differences to Wi-Fi 5 and 4 (your current network)?