Optimise your Wi-Fi Design

Optimise your Wi-Fi Design 

Thursday 12th July: 11am BST / 12pm CEST


Join our 45-minute workshop and get the inside track on better Wi-Fi design and deployment. Our team of Certified Wireless Network Experts and local specialists will share top tips and tricks for better performance across your site(s), including high density areas, hard-to-reach areas, and sensitive environments: 

  • Designing for capacity – including ways to double it
  • Best use of channels and spatial streams to avoid interference 
  • Achieving best data rates through bandwidth optimisation 
  • Deployment models for reducing cabling and installation costs
  • Benchmarking and optimising your performance in real world terms 

For alternative languages and regions, please click on one of the different links below:

ANZ English July 12th 2018 10.00 AEST
Italian July 12th 2018 11.00 CEST
Spanish July 12th 2018 11.00 CEST
German July 12th 2018  11.00 CEST
French July 12th 2018  11.00 CEST
Dutch July 12th 2018  11.00 CEST

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