Webinar: TCO Impact: A Wi-Fi Architecture Head-to-Head Thursday 15th June, 11AM BST

Webinar: TCO Impact: A Wi-Fi Architecture Head-to-Head

Join our webinar and identify the significant cost impacts and performance limitations of today’s different WLAN architecture options.

It’s easy to focus on Access Point speeds and feeds when choosing a WLAN solution. But it’s often the control plane coordinating their operations that determines resiliency, bottlenecks, adaptability, and overall total cost of ownership.

This quick online architecture-buster will help you identify relevant limitations to assess solutions:  
  • Physical controllers – how much are the extra hardware costs? Where can bottlenecks creep in? 
  • Cloud controllers – what happens if APs lose connectivity to the cloud, or if licenses expire?  
  • Scalability – how well do different architectures scale before additional cost or complexity?  
  • Flexibility – if you want to add features and capabilities, does that mean a migration? 

Qualified attendees receive a free .11ac Access Point and switch, to see a different approach. 

PLUS receive a copy of our guide: ‘The 5 Generations of WLAN Architecture’ after the webinar.

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