Webinar: The Wi-Fi Design Workshop: 2019 Edition

The Wi-Fi Design Workshop: 2019 Edition - Dutch Session


Join our online workshop for everything you need to design a better Wi-Fi deployment for you and your users this year.  

Our ever-popular free session has been updated to cover the latest standards including 802.11ax (‘Wi-Fi 6’), and upcoming 6 GHz changes – as well as old favourites such as bandwidth optimisation, plus interference and signal-to-noise planning. Learn: 

  • .11ax vs .11ac – When to use, plus design considerations for each
  • 6 GHz channels: How will they affect your design plan?  
  • Latest best practices for speed, coverage and capacity  
  • Security: designing in a new layer of protection with WPA3 
  • Free tools for Wi-Fi planning and better placement of Access Points 

Plus get a copy of the WLAN Troubleshooting Guide (by one of the world’s most experienced CWNEs) to help you better resolve common issues, faster!


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