BYOD vs Guest vs Corp: The new best practices for improving access & control – EMEA English

Tools and policies for managing experiences
and risks of different user/device groups 

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Join this free online workshop and see how to better manage different user groups and devices across your wireless and wired network – simplifying user experience and improving IT’s control.

While BYOD & Guest access solutions have been around for a while, many organisations still struggle with implementation, unable to meet original intentions or match access ease with security – meaning low control for IT, or high friction for users. Our network experts will round-up the practical policies and technology advancements that can help deliver success today:   

  • The critical need for managing different users/devices differently! 
  • Practical strategies for BYOD at scale, including easier 802.1X certificate provisioning and self-registration
  • The best Guest tools including CWP, social log-in and employee sponsorship that better link to IT control policies 
  • Role based access strategies – assigning VLANs via RADIUS, QoS and application permission/denial by need 
  • How to enforce all security policies over the entire network, from the cloud 

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