2019 Education Wi-Fi Buyer's Guide

Your Guide for Evaluating Education Networks 

How many new devices connected to your network last year? And how many will follow right behind in 2019?

Education networks everywhere are feeling the strain of bandwidth competition and BYOD. But finding the right new solution can be a time consuming and complex affair: evaluating vendor niches, jargon-busting, ensuring value for money and ease of management today while future proofing against unforeseen costs in the future. How do you ensure the Wi-Fi technology you buy will be both scalable and manageable as your needs evolve?

In this guide we walk through key elements to consider when choosing Wi-Fi networking equipment:

  • Wi-Fi standards; which type of access point is for me?
  • Simplicity in design, deployment and management
  • Architectural, troubleshooting, BYOD and security considerations
  • Application visibility and control – who can do what on your network?
  • Perspectives from instructors and administrators