E-Rate 101: Everything You Need to Know to Navigate The E-Rate Program

On-Demand Recording

Need help navigating the E-Rate Process?

Watch this webinar to hear from our E-rate expert on tips and tricks to navigating the 2019 E-rate funding process and how to claim your share of the $3.9B. We will introduce you to the basics of the E-Rate process and give the latest updates on the program:  

  • E-Rate eligibility
  • E-Rate Process Flow
  • Category 2 Budget
  • E-Rate Timeline
  • "Use it or Lose it"
  • Latest Program Updates

Ready to get started? Our experienced E-Rate experts are standing by! Reach us at: 1-408-510-6100 and 1-866-918-9918 or email info365@aerohive.com