Webinar | Streamlining secure network access: Where to begin?

Key principles for streamlining network onboarding, authentication and NAC


Join this online workshop and learn key principles for both streamlining and tightening network access across your wired and wireless networks. 

Onboarding, authentication and NAC can be daunting in terms of complexity – especially when trying to unite multi-vendor infrastructures and sites. But the right strategy will succeed in transforming your ongoing workflows. Review: 

  • Top tools you’ll need to more easily handle all corporate, guest, BYOD and IoT device onboarding – and how to do it securely! 
  • The critical role of identity-based network access and best practices for granular access policies  
  • Shortcomings of traditional NAC vs. more comprehensive secure access management approaches 
  • Points to consider for simplifying implementation and ensuring success!

Plus get a complimentary copy of the new eBook “Cloud Managed Network Access Control for Dummies” hot off the press mid-March, delivered direct to your inbox for a deeper dive guide!  

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