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Webinar: Getting Ready for the Wi-Fi Transformation

Webinar: 802.11ax: Getting Ready for the Wi-Fi Transformation



The new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ax is imminent, and some vendors have already announced new line ups for your consideration list when planning a future-proof network.

.11ax is billed as a defining moment in Wi-Fi, shifting 20 years’ focus on speed gains over to network efficiency – to help adopters realize true benefit at the client experience level, for real world performance. But how does it do it, how quickly will it impact you, and do you really need to start over? Watch our on-demand webinar for insights on the following questions:

  • When will 802.11ax clients hit my network, and what will they need?
  • What can be expected in per-client performance, leveraging new OFDMA technology?
  • Will 802.11ax-only environments be the right approach? Or can .11ax complement .11ac?
  • Will I need to upgrade other parts of my infrastructure, like switching?
  • How can new Target Wake Time help with IoT deployments and battery life?
  • And is 2.4 GHz making a comeback?

Qualified attendees may also get their hands on a free cloud networking .11ac access point and network switch to try a future-proof foundation for themselves.